No matter your style we’ve got the skills to match. For your degustation here is a selection of styles to pick from if you’re feeling like changing it up a little.

Beards, moustaches and Face Fluff.

No matter what you have up-top we’ll take our time to get it exactly how you want it. You will always get the attention you are paying for. Call it whatever you want, but if you’ve taken the time and pride to grow facial hair give it the treatment it deserves. We’ll cut, trim, shape and shave.

Styling products

When you leave, make sure you have the right gear to keep looking fine. Everything we use in the shop is available for you to buy and use at home to help you maintain your style. We stock Muk haircare products, Proraso shaving and skincare products as well as Japanese shaving blades.
Grab some pomade to slick it back, some wax to make it matte or oil for a smooth shave. Whatever you need we’ll help you get the right product for your style.

Doing it for the kids

Moms – feel free to hover over our shoulder if we’re cutting your little ones. We have custom made leather seat risers for kids and special smocks for them.